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We Are Watching You We Are Watching You

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it's OK.

I got a headache by looking at this.
Since this optical illusion is good enough to give me a headache;I WOULD have given it a 9,but since you were an asshole about my custom sonic character,you get a six.
OH,BTW,next time you do this,try doing a circle within a diamond within a circle,instead of just circle inside diamond. Better and creepier that way :)

Nillions responds:

Your review is supposed to give your opinions of my artwork and offer criticism when necessary. It is NOT to give your opinions of the author. I find it highly insulting that you call me an asshole and then mark my artwork down because you weren't happy with the honest and fair review that I left you. Don't waste my time.

kupo707 lvl4x kupo707 lvl4x

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I KNEW IT! Matt used to play MS!
This is freaking awesome! Oh and for those of you that play maplestory but don't know what the name of the sword is;its called Lionheart.

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